Day 7: Cleaning out my closet

Is there anything more satisfying than cleaning out your closet? Short answer: No.

Long answer: As cliche as it sounds, going through everything in my closet and getting rid of anything I no longer wear or that no longer fits or that no longer feels like me was exactly what I needed for a fresh start. So that’s what I spent my Saturday doing.

Goodbye crop tops, goodbye too-short skirts, goodbye everything that attracted the wrong people to me for too long.

And some things I got rid of just because I attached them to painful memories, or things that I don’t necessarily want to be reminded of as I start this new journey. Like the dress I bought for a wedding with my ex or the (very cute) outfit another ex had given me for Christmas.

I’m so excited to replace it all with stuff that I love…not stuff that I think I have to wear so that men think I’m hot. Like more flowy dresses and jumpsuits! (No lie, I had one boyfriend who forbid me from wearing jumpsuits because they “aren’t flattering.” Hence why he is now an ex!)

Not to mention that cleaning and reorganizing are just super cathartic on their own. Especially if you’re blasting T-Swift in the background and wearing no pants :)