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Stop "wanting" to recover

It's way too easy to get stuck planning your perfect recovery and never actually, you know, starting it. You spend hours, days, even weeks just browsing Instagram for inspo, reading how other people recovered and maybe even writing down your own plan and goals.

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8 new year's resolutions to make if you're in eating disorder recovery

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve which means cue all the glittery dresses, bottles of champagne...and diet talk.Ugh. We're surrounded by diet culture all the time but it's even worse this time of year as everyone starts making their new year's resolutions, which inevitably sound something like "lose those last 10 pounds!" or "join weight watchers!" Eye roll.

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How to love the real you

In a world full of Snapchat filters and photo editing apps, it's easy to lose sight of the real you. You know, the you without puppy ears, the you with a pesky zit on your forehead, the you with crow's feet by your eyes. The you that hasn't been retouched or filtered or changed. The you that looks back when you look in the mirror.

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