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How to love the real you

In a world full of Snapchat filters and photo editing apps, it's easy to lose sight of the real you. You know, the you without puppy ears, the you with a pesky zit on your forehead, the you with crow's feet by your eyes. The you that hasn't been retouched or filtered or changed. The you that looks back when you look in the mirror.

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You don't need to be loved to love yourself

In honor of Valentine's Day (which honestly is one of my fave holidays because everything is pink, duh), let's talk about love.

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Interview with Lu Uhrich of LuEats

I am SO excited for what I'm sharing with you all today. If you haven't heard of Lu, be prepared to fall in love. Seriously, this woman is one of my biggest role models and inspirations. She's a force to be reckoned with and has one of the sweetest souls I've ever met.

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