Stop "wanting" to recover


"I want to recover...but it's just so hard."

"I want to recover...but I can't break my habits."

"I want to recover...but I don't know how to even start."

I'll tell you how to start:

Stop *wanting* to recover and start *doing* it.

Seriously. It's way too easy to get stuck planning your perfect recovery and never actually, you know, starting it. You spend hours, days, even weeks just browsing Instagram for inspo, reading how other people recovered and maybe even writing down your own plan and goals.


But here's the thing: all the planning, journalling, and wishing in the world won't make you magically recovered.

You actually have to do the hard work.

And everyone has to start somewhere. That means you don't have to know what you're doing before you dive in (honestly, none of us really have a clue how to recover until we're actually in the middle of it). 

You have to just wake up one day and decide that this is it. That you've had enough of your eating disorder and that you refuse to live another day with it controlling you. 

You have to take back control and just go for it.

I get so many messages from girls that look like the quotes above ("I want to recover but..."). Your eating disorder can make up a million excuses for why you "can't" recover but you can. It just takes challenging those excuses and reminding yourself that staying stuck wanting to recover isn't actually helping you recover at all.

Stop wanting and start doing. Recovery takes actions. Actions that, yes, can be really hard and really exhausting but that are totally worth it in the end. Actions that require you to show up for yourself. Actions that you can do *right* now. So what are you waiting for?

QOTD: What's one thing that has held you back from full recovery? Share below!