Eating when you aren't hungry


Linking up with my girl Amanda from Running with Spoons for today's post!

"Want to get a donut?" 

My mom and I were out shopping and stopped to get naturally she asked if I wanted donuts, too. See, that used to be our thing: hitting the mall, then refueling with a strawberry frosted, sprinkle covered treat.

Emphasis on used to.

Obviously, in the depths of my eating disorder, donuts were a hard NO. Then, when I started recovery, I overcame my fear and started eating them again. 

But I could only eat them under the perfect conditions. Meaning I had to be super hungry and it had to be at the "right" snack time.

So a donut at 4 pm immediately after I'd eaten a protein bar for afternoon snack? Uh...yeah right.

My disordered anxious brain said "NO NO NO." Even though I'm recovered, in our society, we're bombarded with messages on how to eat intuitively, on how to eat the "right" way.

Things like:
+ Eat enough, but not too much.
+ If you have a craving, wait 30 minutes to decide if you really want it.
+ Eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full.

Cue the eye rolls. These tips might be great general guidelines to follow (except when you're recovering from an eating disorder and your hunger cues are messed up!) but for me and for most women who have had a messed up relationship with food, we tend to take them to the extreme.

Aka we interpret that last guideline as eat only when you're hungry and never any other time.

And that's total crap! Because it's completely okay to sometimes eat even when you aren't hungry. Like when it's your sister's birthday and she has the most amazing buttercream cake. Or when your co-workers invite you out for nachos and margaritas after work. 

Or when your mom asks you to have a donut with her.

Those are moments when food is more than just fuel. It's an opportunity to bond with your friends or celebrate a special time or enjoy some dang good food.

So of course, I ended up saying yes to the donut.

Because it's okay to eat even if you aren't hungry. You never need a reason or a justification for what you choose (or choose not to) eat. 

QOTD: Do you ever eat when you aren't hungry? Share in the comments!