Welcome to another day, another week, and another roundup of the yummy stuff I've been eating! It's way too stressful for me to document an entire day of EVERYTHING (because this girl barely remembers to grab her keys on the way out the door, let alone to take a picture of every single thing she puts in her mouth). 

So from now on my WIAWs are just going to be a recap of eats from the past week. In no particular order. Basically, this is my excuse to not give an eff about being organized :)

This week has been super busy because work is insane, but in the best way possible. Needless to say, I'm still absolutely loving my new job and could not be happier with my decision to take this leap of faith. It still feels like a dream to me honestly! 

Anyways on to the good stuff...

Breakfast: still keeping with the usual trend of frozen waffles and eggs. But I have finally found a green smoothie recipe I love! I use vanilla yogurt, soy milk, spinach and PB. So I've been having those with my breakfasts as well. So tasty!

Lunch: since work has been so crazy, it's really hard for me to have a sit-down, real lunch. So I've taken to just munching through the day which has its pluses and minuses for sure. As someone in recovery, it's important for me to always make sure I get enough and grazing sometimes just doesn't cut it! My goal for the upcoming week is to be a lot better about that.

But I have been enjoying lots of yogurt with cereal/granola, fruit, Lara bars, some mac and cheese, some Chipotle ordered in, a random mix.

Dinner: I actually attempted to be a domestic woman the other night and baked my fave casserole from my childhood: chicken divan. Seriously I cannot get enough of this stuff. Loads of cheese, chicken, broccoli and rice all mixed together? YES. PLEASE. It wasn't as good as when my mom makes it but still, I think I did pretty well. Throw in a side of garlic bread and I was a happy camper.

Thanks to Jenn and Arman as always for the linkup!


What's one comfort food from your childhood you still love?