are you addicted to food?

It's a question that's probably crossed your mind as you reach for your third brownie after breakfast or as you sit on the couch with that now-empty pint of ice cream.

It's a question you may have asked your therapist during your last session or your coworker as you looked at the empty candy wrappers on your desk.

And it's a question I can answer for you, despite the fact I know nothing about you.

No you are not addicted to food.

I say that with 100% confidence, with zero doubts. Because food is something you need to survive, it's one of the basic tenets of human survival. If you had to pee a lot after drinking a bunch of coffee, would you say you were "addicted" to peeing? Or if you were gasping for air after a long run, would you say you were "addicted" to breathing?

No you wouldn't. It literally makes no sense. You can't really be addicted to something that keeps you alive. 

I know what you're thinking now. But Amanda, if I'm not addicted to food, why am I always hungry? Why am I always thinking about food? Why can't I stop eating sometimes? Why are the cravings so loud? WHY WHY WHY?!?!

Seriously you're making this too easy for me.

The answer to all of the above questions is summed up in one little sentence:

You're always thinking about food because you are hungry.

Because you're not eating enough. Because all you had for dinner was a bowl of fruit and a scoop of yogurt. Oh and chia seeds for #health. Because you ignored your craving for a homemade chocolate chip cookie and had some frozen grapes instead. Because you read the Paleo diet is the best thing since sliced bread (which ironically you haven't eaten in three weeks because carbs!). 

Because you are starving yourself.

When your body is being underfed, when it isn't getting what it needs (or what it wants), it gets mad. It's like who the fuck does this girl think she is?? It tries as hard as possible to get your attention. (Like the guy from Frozen who's always saying "yoohoo over here!").

And how does it do that? By making your brain always think about food. Because your body is smart. It knows that if it makes you constantly think about it, eventually you'll feed it. Eventually, damn it, you'll actually listen to YOUR body, instead of the blogger saying you shouldn't eat more than one square of dark chocolate a week or the magazine article saying you only need 1200 calories.

So no, you aren't addicted to food.

You're just hungry.

For more than a Lean Cuisine meal. For more than a salad, no matter how "huge" you claim it is in your Instagram caption.

You're hungry for food, for energy, for life.

So eat. Just do it.

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Image credit: Favim