It's hump day aka time for another roundup of eats from yours truly. It's been an exciting two weeks because I started my new job and I am absolutely loving it! If my 5-year old self could see me now... :) 

If you are contemplating going after your dreams or taking a leap of faith to pursue your passion, you absolutely should go for it. Seriously. It feels so incredible waking up to do what you love every day. I know I sound like a big ball of cliched optimism but I had no idea it could be this life-changing. 

Now onto what you all came here for. Thanks to Jenn and Arman for the weekly linkup!

Breakfast: two frozen waffles, grapes, and eggs. This has become a pretty standard breakfast for me. A classic but still delicious!

Lunch: peanut butter sandwich with banana. That's a combo that is pretty darn hard to beat. 

Afternoon snack: Chobani salted caramel crunch flip, Kashi white bean and basil bar, some fruit, a few pieces of chocolate. I'm OBSESSED with these new savory granola bars by Kashi. I was pretty hesitant to try them but boy am I glad I did. They are like a cross between a granola bar and cracker and they're so good!

Dinner: Annie's mac and cheese because it's the best option when you leave work late and have absolutely zero energy or motivation or patience to cook dinner. This made for a very happy Monday! And Tuesday was Chipotle soooo I'm kind of killing the dinner game!

Snack: Quaker ranch rice cakes, some Goldfish crackers, and a brownie. Perfect end to the day!


What are your favorite work snacks?

Do you usually pack work for lunch or order out?