friday favorites: on the go breakfasts!

if you've been following my instagram for awhile now (and if you haven't, you should!), you know how obsessed  i am with breakfast. i'm basically the bagel queen over here. because you can never have too many carbs right??

anyways, as much as i love bagels and pancakes and eggs and all those delicious things, sometimes you just need a quick, easy breakfast for those mornings when you're in a rush and traffic is a nightmare and you can't find your work badge and your hair has about 10 gallons of dry shampoo in it.

yeah we all have those mornings (or maybe it's just me?). 

being busy is a perfect time for ED thoughts to come back because it's a great excuse not to eat, or to eat less. 

"you're already 10 minutes late, you don't have time for a meal."

that's what my ED voice says on those mornings. but instead of listening to it, instead of going backwards, instead of starving myself, i fight back. and to help myself fight back, i've created a spot in my pantry for easy grab-and-go breakfasts that take less than 2 minutes to prepare. 

here are my friday favorites, fast breakfast style!

Kodiak pancakes on the go: i'm usually anti-breakfast-in-a-cup because they never satisfy me. i think i'd need about 3 of those little single oatmeal cups to even tide me over 2 hours! so i was hesitant to try these flapjacks. but i was pleasantly surprised and they've become one of my staples! you can get them at Target and, while all of the flavors are tasty, i'm a huge  fan of the buttermilk maple one. it's like a cross between a muffin and pancake. 

Justin's nut butter packets: i'm hooked on these. the maple and vanilla ones are my favorites! i grab them to smear on some toast, on the above-mentioned Kodiak pancake cup, on a banana, on anything really. they're so convenient and pretty budget-friendly. just make sure you pair them with something hearty to fill you up and keep your body going. 

frozen waffles: i have to confess i love eating frozen waffles before they're 100% thawed. my mom thinks it's disgusting. i think it's delicious. regardless, these are great to just grab from the freezer (along with a packet of nut butter) so that by the time you get to work or school, they're ready to eat! my favorite brand right now is the Van's original buttermilk.

cottage cheese cups with granola: i've never been into yogurt really so all the parfaits and smoothie bowls on Instagram do nothing for me. cottage cheese though... that's another story. i'm addicted to the stuff. but since a little grab and go cup definitely won't fill me, i've learned adding copious amounts of granola to it will! the sweetness of the granola perfectly balances out the tangy cottage cheese flavor. and shhhh sometimes i use frosted flakes instead of granola because girl loves her sugar rush!

thanks to my girls kate and heather for the linkups... hope you loves all have a wonderful weekend!


what are your favorite grab and go breakfast foods?

do you have any fun weekend plans?