WIAW #2: eating for comfort

Happy hump day loves! You know what day it is... WIAW! Today's post is a little bit different though due to some recent life stuff: 

Last Monday, my recent ex was tragically killed in a fight. It's the first time I've ever lost someone to an accident like that and my emotions were all over the place, from depressed to angry to nostalgic to depressed again.

Not surprisingly, my first instinct was to restrict. That's how I've always coped with stress or trauma in the past. It's what I used to numb the bad feelings and to have what I thought was some kind of "control" when everything else was out of control.

But this time was different. This time, I caught myself on the edge of relapse and took a step back. (I'll do a whole blog post on this later!)

So in honor of eating instead of restricting for comfort, I wanted to focus today's WIAW on my go to foods when I'm sad or finding it tough to eat.


I'm someone who always wakes up hungry. I've never been one of those people who skips breakfast. But for some reason, last week when I was so emotional, I had absolutely zero appetite. I knew not eating was NOT an option though.

So I opted for buttered bagels from the cafe on my way to work. Easy to pick up and easy to digest. All perfect things when I was just not in the mood!


Lunch is always pretty standard for me and (almost) always eaten at my desk while I work. It's usually a sandwich or leftovers or just a bunch of random stuff thrown together. On a tough week though you can't go wrong with pasta!


Nature's Bakery brownies. I found these at Target the other day and I am hooked! So yummy and a perfect pick-me-up. 


My ultimate comfort food is chicken divan. Oh my goodness. This was my favorite meal my mom used to make for me as a kid and it's what I turn to when I'm feeling down and need some good home cooking. If you haven't tried this, you need to. Cheesy chicken and broccoli over rice. It's heaven!


And of course every day ends with lots of night snacking. This week it has been mostly homemade cookies from my mom, chocolate covered pretzels, cheese and crackers and Goldfish. Snacks just make me feel happier, especially when paired with Gilmore Girls or a good book!

All in all, this was a VERY hard week for me. Seriously I haven't had such strong urges to restrict in so long. Not to mention emotionally I was a wreck. But I'm incredibly proud of myself for continuing to meet minimums and fight through.

Eating when you don't have an appetite or when you're going through a stressful time is so hard, I get it. But it is possible. Absolutely possible. Focus on eating "easy" things, things that don't take a lot of preparation or anxiety or work. Now is not the time to try to tackle fear foods. Now is the time just to get by. Eat foods that make you happy or foods you loved as a kid. It's okay to find comfort in food during these times. The important thing is just to keep eating!

And as always, thanks to Arman and Jenn for the weekly linkup!


What do you like to eat when you're feeling sad?

Have you tried any of the Nature's Bakery products?