hunger is not the enemy

I used to get mad at myself for feeling hungry. Especially if I felt hungry at times I wasn't "supposed" to. 

I thought hunger was a sign of weakness.

And if hunger was a sign of weakness, than giving in to that hunger meant I was a failure. These are legitimate thoughts that went through my mind whenever I was hungry. When my stomach growled or I found myself craving a cookie, I would genuinely get enraged at myself.

Looking back on it, I realize how ridiculous it was. Do you get mad at yourself for being tired? Or for needing to breathe? Or for having to go to the bathroom? Absolutely not!

So why do we demonize hunger? We act like it is something to be ashamed of when in reality, it's a basic need and a sign of a well functioning body looking for energy. 

hunger is not the enemy, your eating disorder is.

It's your eating disorder voice that shames you for wanting an extra snack outside of your "normal" meal times. It's your eating disorder voice that makes you question whether or not you really need that third serving of mashed potatoes. It's your eating disorder voice that says hunger is bad. It's not your voice.

As women, we're constantly bombarded with messages telling us how to suppress our hunger, how to ignore cravings, how to drink a glass of ice water instead of eating a snack. So it's no surprise we associate hunger & eating with negative thoughts and self-hate.

But instead of fighting hunger, instead of trying to "have willpower", what if we just give in? What if we just trust ourselves? What if for once, we listen to what WE want instead of what society is telling us we SHOULD want?

Because your body knows what it needs. When you have a craving, it's your body asking you to give it whatever it's craving. Your body is a lot smarter than you think. Most importantly, it's a lot smarter than your eating disorder is. Trust your body. Feed it.

Thanks to my girl Amanda for the weekly linkup!

You tell me:

- Do you ever have days you feel like a bottomless pit? 

- Have you ever felt ashamed of being hungry?