you can't live a full life if you're empty

Linking up with my favorite girl Amanda over at Running With Spoons for today's post!

If you're stuck in the mindset that being thin will give you everything you want, this is for you.

If you believe reaching your goal weight will help you land a hot husband, this is for you.

If you feel like staying in your eating disorder is your only shot at happiness, this is DEFINITELY for you.

Because guess what. None of that is true.

Your eating disorder will not give you your perfect life.

In fact it will do the opposite. It will take away your life.

Why? Why would losing weight and being thin and fitting into society's ideal make your life worse?

You cannot live a full life if you are empty.

When you are battling an eating disorder, you are starving more than just your physical body. You are starving your dreams, your passions, your goals, your relationship, everything. 

Let's get all science-y for a second and think about Maslow's hierarchy of needs.  You have to fulfill your physiological needs (aka sleep and eating) before you can even consider anything else like friendships, self-esteem, or creativity. 

It makes sense too. How can you expect to work hard and get your dream job when you aren't even eating enough to get your period?

How can you expect to make new friends and go to happy hour when you're so hungry and fatigued, you can barely keep your eyes open, let alone make conversation?

How can you dance all night at the bar or bake cookies with your mom when your body doesn't have enough energy to even function?

The answer is simple. You can't

Starving, restricting, eating less than you need, over-exercising, purging, call it what you want. Those harmful behaviors will never EVER be the answer. They will never give you the life you dream of. 

Despite what society tells you, despite what the disordered voice in your head tells you, those behaviors will never make you happy or pretty or loveable or worthy or fulfilled.

You cannot destroy yourself in hopes of loving yourself.

So if you want to achieve big things in your life, if you just want to laugh and love and be free, don't starve. Don't become empty. Don't let your eating disorder take another second of your time.

Instead, be full. Be full of yummy food and new experiences. Be full of hope. You can do this.