Question of the day: what are night sweats in recovery?

Night sweats are very common during the recovery process. There were (and still are!) many mornings where I would wake up, completely drenched even in the middle of winter. It's a pain to deal with and can interrupt your sleep if it's so bad that it wakes you. 

But, night sweats are actually a great thing because they're usually a sign of hypermetabolism. Because you're finally eating and resting, your metabolism starts speeding up again. And with that comes increased body temperature AND increased appetite. Yay for metabolisms that are working properly again!

Eventually your metabolism will normalize again and you'll be able to go a night without changing your sheets (it seriously gets old!). Until then, keep sweating and recognize it's a terrific marker that your body is getting back to functioning as it should. Mine were worst during inpatient when I first started recovery but even now, I still experience them occasionally, particularly if I'm coming out of a mini relapse as I have been recently.

If you want to read more about the science-y side of hypermetabolism in recovery, check it out here.