starting fresh: my week of 100% recovery

OK, I have a confession to make. I've been less than great about keeping up with my recovery the last month or so.  And by less than great, I mean I've been forcing myself to exercise and my intake has been way too low. Basically, I've been in a mini-relapse.

My body knows it too. I haven't had my period since Christmas again. I have extremely low energy, I'm always fatigued, my sleeping is not good, all I can think about is food... the list goes on and on. 

What I'm doing is not okay.

I've realized that for a couple of weeks now but have been too afraid to change anything. I could feel myself slipping back into my eating disorder very quickly. It's almost scary how easily the ED voice can consume you again, even after being in recovery for 2 years. 

So this is my pledge to recommit to recovery, to give up exercise completely for awhile, to actually meet my minimums, to honor my hunger, to rest and restore my body.

Recovery is worth it and so am I. If you're feeling the same way, if you've recently slipped, if you're wondering if you deserve to give recovery another shot, you absolutely do. You are worth it.