It might be hard, but it's possible. Not only possible, but life-saving.

Because a life with an eating disorder is not a life at all.

It's a house but not a home. It's a body but not a soul. 

If you're tired of counting calories, tired of starving yourself, tired of being miserable, you've come to the right place.

I've been there, too.

I've been the girl who based her worth on the number on the scale, who turned down invitations from friends because I was afraid of food, who damn near killed herself trying to be thin.

My eating disorder is still a part of me, but it's dormant now thankfully. I'm almost fully recovered. I still get triggered, I still struggle but I'm proud to say the good days outnumber the bad

My goal with this blog is to help you recover, to pass along what I learned, to do whatever it takes to help you achieve food freedom, whether you have a full blown eating disorder or you're simply stuck in the diet mentality.

I hope some part of my story inspires you. I hope I can save at least one person from this horrible disease or from a life of being controlled by from. I hope I can make a difference.

Because you are so worth it.